Y5/6 Mixed Countdown Cricket - NED Final (Achieve)

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Event description

Event description: 

Teams are made up of 8 players. Teams can be a mixture of boys and girls. All players will have the opportunity to both bat and bowl. 

Bowling: 5 balls per player then rotate with the next fielder to bowl.

Batting: In pairs (10 balls per pair)

Runs: Are scored by hitting past the boundary (4 runs), over the boundary (6 runs) or by running between the wickets. No-balls and wides are scored as 2 runs to the batting team and no extra delivery to be bowled.

Free hit*: Following a no-ball or wide, the batter receives a 'free hit' from the batting tee, and any runs scored are added to the total for that delivery (e.g. 2 runs for a wide + 1 run from the free hit = 3 runs scored). Batters have three seconds to take their free hit. *Cones can be used as batting tees also. 

Out if: Bowled, caught or run out (if out, batters swap ends and continue, 5 runs is added to the fielding team)

Who is this type of event aimed at?

Achieve events are aimed at young people who are confident in their own sporting ability and tend to be more competitive than other groups. They value the benefits of sport, care about sport and love being involved. These young people strive to improve and succeed at every activity or challenge they take on. They enjoy testing their competitive nature but whilst having fun. These events will create a healthy competitive environment to achieve personal or team based goals.