Mental Health

Young people's mental health has never been more important than it is right now.  Here at SHAPE we are committed to supporting all teachers, parents and carers with practical resources and information from local and national sources.

Our first offering are some fantastic worksheets and resources to support parents and young people of all ages (courtesy of and Smiling mind)

The resilience boat will help pupils identify the things in their life that make them feel safe right now.  

The 'When emotions explode' pyramid can help parents respond to the different stages of their child's behaviour during this time.

The Celebrate achievement worksheet allows young people to reflect on the positive things they have accomplished over the last year.

The Doors of opportunity worksheet gives a platform for discussion with young people to reflect on positive memories, and thinking about what they are excited about ahead, they can see how new beginnings are new opportunities.

Hope clouds encourage young people to focus on their dreams and aspirations and can make challnges seem more hopeful.

Self Care Pack - This booklet is aimed at teachers, parents and carers to support their own emotional health and well-being 

Please download any of the resources mentioned above from the resources section below.


File Added Size
Download When emotions explode pyramid.pdf When emotions explode pyramid.pdf 01/02/2021 3.9 MB
Download Resilience boat.pdf Resilience boat.pdf 01/02/2021 533.8 KB
Download Celebrate achievements.pdf Celebrate achievements.pdf 04/02/2021 1.2 MB
Download Doors of opportunity.pdf Doors of opportunity.pdf 04/02/2021 411.7 KB
Download Hope Clouds.pdf Hope Clouds.pdf 04/02/2021 723.7 KB
Download Self care for parents and teachers.pdf Self care for parents and teachers.pdf 04/02/2021 744.4 KB

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